About me

what I do

Currently working as a freelance UX/UI designer at Tenzir, a cyber security start up, Porsche and Sony Music Publishing.
Former UX/UI designer at VW Group, founder of a sustainable food startup and honorary lecturer for web design- and development.
Studied communication design in Germany and social innovation with a focus on systems and design thinking in London.

who I am

I'm an optimistic nihilist, an eccentric, a world citizen, an effective altruist, a dreamer.

I love good discussions, simplicity, visioneeres, books, economics, nature and space.


Born near 53° N 9° E


Discoverd my passion in design


Studied communication design
@kunstschule Wandsbek


Worked as an UX/UI and communication designer


Best graduate of the year

Final project: A democratic social network


Studied social innovation in London (Master of Design)


Graduated with distinction

Final project: Transformation to a sustainable economic system


Founder of Nution, a sustainable and healthy complete food


Taught as a honorary lecturer


Worked as an UX/UI designer for the HMI of a new EV subbrand

@Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe

since 2022

Working as a UX/UI designer and user centricity expert


since 2024

Joined a cyber security start up as a freelance UX/UI designer