September 2016
Healthy Fast Food designed for Athletes

Low carb pizza with tuna base

"OC Nutrition" provides pizza with pizza bases from tuna instead of wheat flour, whereby the pizza has the same nutritional values such as a 300g steak.

I've made a conceptual corporate design, the packaging for the whole product range and three print advertisements for consumers and retailers.

Retail advertising

For the retail trade the products and the USP (Protein pizza) are placed in the foreground. The purchase charm limits itself therefore alone to the differentiation of the competition and points (like in consumer area) no wider context in which the product is embedded. The Customer Benefit is not shown.

Consumer advertising

In the consumer area the products themselves move in the background. An emotional connection is built up by the created image world to the consumer. The animals on the covers all eat a lot of fish and are powerful animals, which makes them perfectly embody the image of pizza. Strong as a bear, fast as an eagle and agile like a wolf - these cognitive connections should be also caused in the advertisements.