August 2015
Magazine for BMWi customers

Radical sustainable

The core of this fictional customer magazine is BMW’s sub-brand “BMW i”. In addition to traditional topics, the magazine shows BMW’s vision of a sustainable automotive world, which the company intends to shape with their new sub-brand. The reader accompanies the brand in reports about special persons, pioneering science and reports from the capitals of Europe. Stories about contemporary life complete it convincingly. The customer magazine “i” is designed to appeal with its presentation especially male readers.

All used content is © BMW AG, München. Layout, Illustration & Concept: Pascal Meyer. Text: Parley for the Oceans, KD Group, Der Spiegel, Markus Brauck, Dietmar Hawranek, Simone Salden, Bernhard Zand, Adriano Sack, Hendrik Lakeberg, Benedikt Sarreiter, Boris Ziefle. Photo: BMW Group PressClub, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Markus Burke, Uwe Düttmann, Gianni Camporota, Simon Puschmann